Occupy Portland’s Action Committee has issued a call for decentralized-yet-coordinated nonviolent civil disobedience against big banks.  Let’s shut them down!

We invite everyone to join the public march on the morning of Thursday November 17th.

  • The action starts @ 8am on the East Side of Steel Bridge with an action in support of organized labor demanding Jobs Not Cuts, hosted by We Are Oregon.
  • Then join us for a 10am Rally at Waterfront Park @ SW Ankeny.
  • At 11am we march to visit civil disobedience actions in progress!

You can also get involved by forming an “affinity group” action team or by offering a variety of no-risk-of-arrest support roles.

Occupy Portland - Call To Action: Occupy The Banks November 17th 2011

Occupy Portland - Call To Action: Occupy The Banks November 17th 2011

To get involved, email join@n17pdx.org TODAY or call (503) 567-6895

Want to get trained in organizing non-violent direct actions?  How’s about daily workshops?

  • Monday 11/14: Blockades/Police Liaison Training @ Laughing Horse 6-9pm
  • Tuesday 11/15: Nonviolent Direct Action @ Field Work (1101 SW Jefferson St.) 6-9pm
  • Tuesday 11/15: Intro to Street Medic for medical professionals Location @ Sisters of the Road Cafe (133 NW 6th) 6-9pm
  • Wednesday 11/16: Legal Briefing for action participants Location @ Field Work (1101 SW Jefferson St.) 6-9pm

We are running this coordinated action – one of the largest in Portland history – on a shoestring! We need your support asap, every bit helps. Visit www.n17pdx.org/donate to put your money where your values are!

For More Info (Source)http://n17pdx.org/

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One Response to Call To Action: Occupy The Banks – November 17th 2011

  1. angela says:

    what do you all think about holding a march on the 17th from 3-5 (?) downtown, ending at B of A on west main next to Alba, where we would disseminate info on occupy medford, I´be handing out constitutions, reminding people to move their money and other various mind expanding tidbits. I will be attending city council meeting at 12.

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