Occupy Earth Day was a success in the Rogue Valley with over 35 people attending the joint General Assembly at the Talent Community Center. Roughly 20 full trashbags were gathered during our 6.6 mile treck from Medford to Talent taking a total of 4 hours. We'd like to thank Barely Used Beds for the water and snacks, they helped us keep going and in fact we're certain the cool waters of the oasis saved one of our members from heat exhaustion! We'd like to thank Talent Tattoo Gallery for the gloves and Downtown Coffee for our water bottles and trash bags! We'd also like to thank the Medford Police Department for escorting our group while in Medford City limits, we felt much safer with you slowing drivers with your mere presence! Thank you!

Here is a gallery of our efforts.


Greetings to the Rogue Valley from Occupy Medford!

On April 22nd we will be marching along Highway 99 from Medford to Talent in support of our planet. Starting at the Medford Armory at 10 am we will proceed to march along the Highway, visiting local businesses and removing trash as we go. When we arrive in Talent a joint General Assembly will be held at the Talent Community Center involving Occupy Medford, Occupy Ashland, and the surrounding community. We will discuss current projects and future goals.

If you live closer to Ashland and would like to participate in the march, the meeting time is 11am at Peace House. You can visit the Occupy Medford Community Calendar for additional information.

Consider this our Mother's Day present to Mother Earth, the lady who raised us all in one way or another!

We hope to see you out there! 

Event Planner: Deb Herzogh

Also, check out this beautiful poster by Jeremiah Lynch!

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